The Stooshie - Scotland in Seven Days

It was with great hope and enormous pride that we launched The Stooshie 20 editions ago. And it is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye.

This week we publish the last edition of our brilliant, quirky, clever, bonnie wee Stooshie.

Judging from the feedback from readers the magazine was an editorial success.

Unfortunately we launched boldly into a tough commercial environment which proved too hard to crack.

To those of you who subscribed and those of you who bought us on the news stand we say – thank you for your support.

To our colleagues who wrote for us, who sold us, marketed us, printed us and got us through letter boxes throughout the country we say thank you for your hard work, your care and your professionalism.

For us few who have had the privilege of bringing the Stooshie to life, it has been an absolute joy.

We have loved every minute.

It has been a blast.

Please contact us on the below details if you require any more information.


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